July 14th ~ Bastille Day & #FreeTheNipple Day


July 14th, the day the French Revolution began in the center of Paris 1789,  with the storming of The Bastille. The Bastille was a symbol of the abuses of French monarchy, so the people stormed this medieval fortress and freed the seven prisoners within.

Marianne, The Goddess of Liberty is the national symbol of the French Republic, an allegory of Liberty and Reason. She is the emblem of the victory of the French Revolution the symbol of the “Triumph of the Republic”, an icon of freedom and democracy and she bares her breast.

Marianne is now my  icon for the Freedom to Bare Breasts and #FreeTheNipple.


Why free the nipple? Many reason but firstly it a matter of equality to be naked if you wish and womens breasts are no more obscene than mens. Secondly women for too long have been shamed and harassed for breast feeding in public. A woman’s nakedness or level of dress or undress makes no statement on her morals and ethics. Art is being censored for baring breasts in paintings and photography. A bare breast is NOT pornography and needs no Parental Advisory as the bare breast is NOT Explicit just being bare. Context is every thing, let’s not dumb down society.

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Gratitude ~ Day 2


I’ve have a heart filled with gratitude. Today was day 2 at Fred Wildlife Refuge, and I met with Erik Andor who is assisting with the environmental aspect as well as some of the costuming for my show, and ended up having Robert Aguilar pop in and give his very educated 25 cents worth of suggestions. Then Wade Madsen arrived at noon to help with the choreography for my dance and talk about lighting my music selection.  Finally Michael Anderson and Shane Wahlund of Collide-O-Scope came by to look at the space as they are helping with the video aspect of the production. I feel so fortunate to have such extremely skilled professionals offering their priceless support of this show and feeling a bit God Smacked about it all.

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Day 1 of my self imposed Workshop for AP&DV

I figured July would be a good of a month as any. I take it as a good omen that revolutions have started and countries have declared independence during the month of July. I have a lot of paperwork to see to, old notes to review, monologues to rewrite and computer programs to learn….  Here we go!


day 1


and looking at this image there is some dusting to do, but I will leave that for someone else to address as that is a distraction ….

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