Lies From The Campaign Trails

So, last night I got to read a letter sent out by the Orange Clown candidate for president, and let me tell you it is FULL of blatant lies and misinformation. It reminded me of the kind of BS I read in a pamphlets in March about #Brexit sent out by the Nigel Farage jerks, while I was visiting Wales. What worries me is that a majority of people in the UK that voted to leave, and then regretted it, quoted that pamphlet.

People need to do their home work and actually READ up on statements made in political pamphlets and letters as they are not required to be truthful. And the latest thing coming out of the Republican Party is that they want to help women to go back to being homemakers and mothers and not have to be burdened by working, more on that soon … #dumptrump




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